Monday, May 4, 2009

Zdra vey,

Time is ticktock ticking away and today I finally bought some hiking shoes to take with me. It has taken me a while to decide but I ended up with a wonderful pair of Merrell's, gore-tex to boot. So hopefully they will keep my feet nice and dry as I hike the beautiful terrain of Bulgaria. I have been learning Bulgarian the past couple of weeks and I hope that I will have a jump on my language classes when I get into Bulgaria. Here is a little preview of what Bulgarian sounds like, no its not me speaking but maybe I'll post one of those later. Enjoy, I personally love the pictures that go along with the words.

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  1. its kenny. All the stuff that u are doing sounds like alot of fun, but i cant wait for you to come back and be swim coach. This year i will do swimming alongside school and get in great shape for when you come back. Good luck in the future...