Friday, May 8, 2009

Zdra' veyte ( hello/ plural),

I am using the plural now because I think that more than one person is finally reading this blog. Yeah, more followers. Well today I realized just how many people I have in my life that care about me, and it is awesome. I love all of you as well. My summer swim team, Foxcroft East, here is the link to their site if you want to check them out , was having swim team sign ups today and as the former coach I wanted to drop in and see everyone before I left. Well, unbeknownst to me they were all planning a surprise party afterwards at Brixx pizza, by the way one of my favorite pizza places in Charlotte. It was so wonderful to sit around and talk with people that actually care about you and what your doing in life, I just want to give a huge Coach Matt hug to each and everyone again. Thanks again it was perfect.
Okay so I have many more wonderful pictures to share with you guys from the dinner tonight but I am having difficulty figuring out how to put them all on this page. If you have any suggestions I am always willing to try. If not I might be forced to get a face book or something, nooooooo!
I think it will be fun to end each post with a little lesson, I know what a teacher thing to do but hey why not. So at the end of each post I will leave you another Bulgarian word to practice and maybe even use in your day to day life. Hopefully this will keep us all just a little closer, you know the fact that we are all learning Bulgarian together. YEAH!! Keep in mind that Bulgarian letters are different from ours so I am using the English pronunciation for each word, not having Bulgarian letters on my key board and all. So bare with me, thanks.
So today's word, which I think is appropriate for tonight's escapades, is: cheers
Naz'drave = cheers

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  1. Hey Matt, Thanks for the party this afternoon. It was lots of fun, sorry I couldn't stay for everything. You are a great coach and I'm going to really miss you. Thanks for helping me. You are the best. Kiernan